Who is your Wireless Carrier of CHOICE? Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or other

There are many mobile phone wireless carriers in USA and we would love to know, “Who is your wireless carrier of CHOICE?

The list is pretty massive and here are a few names you will be aware of like: AT&T Mobility, TerreStar, Sprint Nextel, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile USA plus many more, we could name many.

We want to know why you choose these carriers, do they offer a better service, are you considering changing your carriers, why are you changing, do you get good customer service, is the network amazing or just pure rubbish, we could ask you so many questions it’s unreal but we will just let you tell us.

Many of you know about the iPhone being exclusive with AT&T but and a big but many of you would love Verizon to take the iPhone on because you think Verizon would provide a better service than AT&T, obviously it is unlikely Verizon will take the iPhone for quite a while who knows.

Many carriers do have theirs good and bad points and this is why we want to know “Who is your Wireless Carrier of CHOICE?” please use the comments area provided below, thanks.


3 thoughts on “Who is your Wireless Carrier of CHOICE? Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or other”

  1. Cliffy44 says:

    AT&T – as they offer you a free E-Mail account, as long as you’re an AT&T wireless subscriber. Verizon does NOT make any kind of offer even remotely related to that.

    Even though they’re “pricey”, the rollover minutes keep AT&T from nickle and diming you to death, the way that the greedy lil’ “F’s” at Verizon Wireless do. My Verizon family plan (that I was on for years) went from $130.00 to $285.00, over time, with no fathomable explanation.

    And that’s why people are also abandoning Verizon as their landline carrier, also.

    Verizon used to be a contender. Now thay’re just out for your wallet.

    AT&T all the way . . .


  2. Sprint- currently offers the best plans for unlimited everything, and the customer service has improved alot over the past few years. The network is really reliable, i never get any dropped calls, and the 3g network is also very reliable. Before sprint i had at&t, and constantly lost calls, and the 3g was not as fast as i currently have with sprint. The difference in my bill from att to sprint is $78 less on sprint with the exact same stuff i had on att, and sprints is alot more reliable to me.

  3. Kareese Lindsay says:

    I would have to say Verizon all the way. I have Sprint, Att, and Verizon for personal and business use and I would definitely say that Verizon is the best and has the best service 100%. Sprint is second with their plans and coverage. With ATT, i experience too many dropped calls.

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