New AT&T Phones: HTC Pure, Tilt2, Nüvifone G60, Nokia Mural, White BlackBerry Bold

Much like Sprint, iPhone carrier AT&T has also added several new mobile phones to their line up over the last several months, including the HTC Pure and Tilt2, the Nokia Mural, Garmin-Asus nuvifone G60 and the White BlackBerry Bold.

The guys over at infosyncworld have given a look at all the above handsets and reported their opinion of them, with the main addition to the HTC Pure and HTC Tilt2 being the inclusion of Windows Mobile 6.5.

As for the Garmin-Asus nuvifone G60, they say they liked the look and feel but the interface and touch screen didn’t play well together and was very unresponsive. And then there’s the BlackBerry Bold White and Nokia Mural which they say looks good in white; so for the complete review hit up the link.

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