T-Mobile Project Dark Details revealed

The net waves are rife with references to a top secret T-Mobile project known as either “Project Dark” or “Project Black”, but just what the devil is this top secret project?

Well the BGR’s covet sources have been at it and have come up with that Project Dark is tied to some mobile handsets and contains the launch of the BlackBerry 9700 on T-Mobile as well as the Motorola CLIQ and the Samsung Behold II along with the rapid expansion of their 3G network.

What’s more is that they have now learnt that Project Dark also T-Mobile employees gaining a new uniform for when they sell the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and the Nokia N900 along with another Nokia handset. They will also push their “Everything Unlimited” plan which is a $50 all you want plan. For more hit up the link.


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