BlackBerry Storm 2 Questions get answered

The new BlackBerry Storm 2 has been unveiled by Research In Motion and it looks very similar to the original Storm, so the guys over at techradar got hold of RIM to find out the ins and outs of the BlackBerry Storm 2.

Apparently on contacting Research In Motion their spokesperson said, “There have been design changes; while at first glance it might not look too different, but there have been significant changes made on the Storm 2. It has a sleeker look, the headset jack is recessed, it has soft touch paint on the side and the keys are integrated on the front. It’s got a much cleaner look, one of the things we heard stories of was the front keys falling off so we’ve made a pretty significant chance in integrating them onto the LCD, which both looks nice and improves durability.”

Then they asked about the BlackBerry Storm 2 clickable screen to which the spokesperson answered that the original Storm has a mechanical button beneath the display, the BlackBerry Storm 2 features 4 actuators that lend significant benefits to the typing experience which means two points of the display can be pressed at the same time. For the complete article hit up the link

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