BlackBerry Storm 2 Review Roundup by Gizmodo

The latest BlackBerry baby out of Research In Motion is the BlackBerry Storm 2, and unfortunately the guys over at gizmodo haven’t been able to deliver a review of their own on the BlackBerry Storm 2 due to reasons which can be read here.

However, not to be outdone by RIM and let down their readers they have set about collecting a roundup of BlackBerry Storm 2 reviews which you can read by hitting up the link.

They do summarise that reviews vary widely much like with the original Storm, but overall it seems everyone agrees that the BlackBerry Storm 2 is a definite step up from the original and certainly welcome.


3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm 2 Review Roundup by Gizmodo”

  1. Mikee says:

    Those whiny bitches at Gizmodo don’t deserve to get new devices before they’re released.

    Maybe they should go back to reviewing whichever sexual toy their mom just bought and leave the devices to grown ups to review.

  2. Fred says:

    Mikee; your comment displays a level of intelligence only found on the internet and on the checkouts in gas stations and supermarkets around the world – your mother would be proud.

  3. logan says:

    i like this phone even though it gets a lot of crap. it doens't have the best touch screen ever but the email is great and internet surfing is awesome. i got a few for me and the little girl off of gsmauthority.com and they are great. the 3G doens't work cuz I got them unlocked but still a great phone. processor is faster and texting is very easy. 2 thumbs up

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