Top 10 Motorola Droid Tips: How to use your handset!

At the moment many of you are searching for Motorola Droid tips and we have come across some that you may like to see.

Verizon recently released the stunning DROID which features the awesome Google Android operating system, there is plenty of information on the Motorola Droid which we have published already and here are some listed: Can Motorola Droid Dent iPhone Market Share?, Motorola Droid for $99.99 from Wirefly, Motorola Droid gets in-depth review with videos and Motorola Droid Specifications.

Tech Banyan have listed its top 10 Motorola Droid tips that should help you a long your merry way, their tips cover: Quick Launch Menu, Mounting the USB drive in Windows, GV, Onscreen touch keypad gestures, Be careful when using a pouch holster, Setting an mp3 song as your ringtone, Copy/paste function, How to have a vibrator on your Droid, Like a picture on your web browser and Website shortcuts.

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