External Speaker Problems with Motorola Droid

The Motorola Droid , the I Don’t smartphone seems to be having a bit of an “I Do,” problem whereby quite a quantity of people are experiencing problems with the Motorola Droid external speaker cutting out for no apparent reason according to a report by engadget mobile.

Apparently the problem looks to be software related and apparently sometimes a reboot fixes the problem temporarily, but could well be a big issue for Motorola Droid users who say use the Droid as an alarm clock, or even to perhaps receive calls as the users doesn’t know when the problem will hit next.

It appears that Motorola is stepping up to the mark on this though as they are replacing any Motorola Droid handset that suffers from this problem, although that doesn’t guarantee the replacement wont supper the same issue.

No doubt sooner or later, preferably sooner, Motorola will push out a software update that will fix the problem; so if you are a Motorola Droid owner and have been experiencing said problem feel free to drop us a line and vent.


7 thoughts on “External Speaker Problems with Motorola Droid”

  1. Big T from Jersey says:

    I have had this problem 3 times since Nov. 6th. In your opinion… should I bother to exchange the phone or just wait till there’s a software update??

  2. Duran says:

    Love my Moto Droid phone, but when I talk to people they say I sound choppy or distorted, I returned my 1st one cause of this issue and got a new one, now this one is doing the same? HELP is it cause of that 2.1 update? Or what else could it be??? please help…

  3. Zapo says:

    Same here. My friends are telling me to throw out my phone. I didn't because I like the Moto Droid. I'm just tired of my friends telling me they can't hear me over it. FIX IT. I have had a couple of my friends who ended up going into iphone regardless of their admiration for the Droid, just for this problem.

  4. Miles says:

    I just got a replacement, my second one. And my second defective one. The first one got the red light of death and completely crashed. The the external speakers don't work on the new one. The only way I can hear ANYTHING is if I plug in my headphones. What a drag… Verizon, I don't know what kind of "Like-new certification requirements" you have because you obviously don't check to make sure the speakers work.

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