WebOS 1.3.1 update is Available right now

Most were well aware that along with the Palm Pixi smartphone, webOS 1.3.1 would show its face, however what surprised is that webOS 1.3.1 actually made the plunge a day early, although there isn’t any mind boggling app catalogue bombshells according to an article on engadget mobile.

WebOS 1.3.1 does come with numerous minor updates and fixes though which should make the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi experience a little smoother, and the latest update does unlock the access to the GPU along with a speed booth for owners of the Palm Pre.

The guys tried webOS 1.3.1 out and note that iTunes doesn’t recognise their Palm Pre as a sync device and as for speed they haven’t experienced any real increase as yet but there area few key tweaks such as…

A new option for restarting the handset — press and hold power >Power > Restart, although the previous restart option is still available – – Yahoo! appears as a Calendar/Contacts/IM sync account – – when you tap YouTube the YouTube app launches and plays in the application – – widescreen videos now display in widescreen by default .

Forward text or multimedia by tapping the message > Forward – – the ability to select unique ringtones for new message alerts – – and when listening to tunes with album artwork displayed the user can tap the display below the art to display a playback slider, and dragging said slider jumps the tune forward and backwards.

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