PC vs. Smartphone: Would you choose Nokia N900 or a Netbook?

We would love to know out of the Nokia N900 or the Netbook what will come out on top, is the PC better than the Smartphone is something to think about, can a smartphone really beat a netbook?

The netbook can view many files such as writing software & presentation software like Microsoft Excel/Word/Power point and so can the Nokia N900, the N900 has Linux OS and near enough PC performance, the Nokia N900 is definitely a lot easier to carry around, yes we know that a netbook is small but nowhere near as small as the N900.

The netbook can get internet on the move but with the Nokia N900 it is free, the price of the Nokia 900 is pretty similar to a high-end netbook.

The list could go on and on when comparing a netbook to the Nokia N900 and we could list quite a few, but we would like you to answer this for us; do you think the Nokia N900 is better than any netbook on the market, please give us a list of differences you like or dislike comparing these two devices. We are very much intrigued to see which you prefer.


8 thoughts on “PC vs. Smartphone: Would you choose Nokia N900 or a Netbook?”

  1. Well, its obvious to me that it boils down to screen size. You can’t really say do you prefer generic net book to specific smart phone, as there are too many factors to consider that could differ on a netbook, where as the n900 is quite stable in terms of specification. If you stated a particular model then perhaps we could conclude something…

  2. marley says:

    Although I agree with the above coment, I think it comes down to a couple of real power plays that would blow any questions away here. IF we saw some super user friendly software or operating system swaps just as easy to install on any smart phone that will come out like the N900 and if they actually had a USB port on the device… there would be zero question of this question even needing to be written. The man who goes out to purchase glasses, arthritis meds from over-texting, and lives next to a wall socket… would be the the one who would be on top here. I do remember that there was a grant for a new type of battery that will last longer that was just issued/awarded. (I can’t remember the exact article that just came out) This would be the only real unatainable issue other than those two factors which can easily be made realities. And no.. I’m not talking about the glasses or the arthritis meds as the other two issues.

  3. ENFDO says:

    I bought N900 on friday´s last week. N900 es not a mobile. It´s better, in general terms, to a netbook.
    Just seat down, lose some days in it, and you´ll see.

  4. Echo says:

    first of all why do you compare a smartphone wich fits in your pocket with a big netbook?
    better compare it with an umpc (ultra mobile pc) it works almost like a netbook but its a litle bigger than a smartphone. If u compare these 2 u can see that at least for now the umpc is better than the smartphone.

  5. Justinrankin1337 says:

    This reminds me of an argument i had with a  friend, he said smart phones ill kill off desktop computers.. and laptops, he just forgot one thing that will probably keep desktops alive.. The whole pc gaming community, aka Steam and valve.. and less not forget minecraft that sold and is still selling billions, Btw, there are a lot of netbooks out there that can play minecraft pretty well.

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