USA: Nokia N900 Maemo 5 Smartphone Officially on Sale for $649

News just in thanks to a new press release via Nokia says that the Nokia N900 Maemo 5 smartphone is now on sale in USA for $649, this device is now on sale in Flagship stores in New York and Chicago and of course various independent retailers.

Nokia’s press release says that this highly-anticipated device is now on sale in the United States and finally shipping to all those who pre-ordered it, this is a stunning smartphone which is Maemo-powered; you can connect to the internet with multiple options which is great to hear.

Main features include: Linux-based Maemo operating platform, 3G data networks, 32GB of storage, multitask several applications or web browsers at once, watch Flash videos and access the web thanks to the awesome support for Adobe Flash 9.4 and gesture support within the Nokia N900 web browser, 3.5-inch touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard, 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a dual LED flash and so much more.

For more information please read the full press release from Nokia, in the meantime you may wish to check out Amazon and Newegg if you wish to buy it cheaper (Amazon are doing it for $509), let us know if you are one of those who has pre-ordered the Nokia N900 smartphone.

We also mentioned earlier that there is the all new firmware v1.2009.42.11 update for the Nokia N900; you may want to read about this information right here.


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  1. I ordered one. I have wifi almost everywhere that I go and so can get a low cost plan without data. I’ll pay $510 at Amazon which is only $200 more than a 32GB iphone. I can make that difference in 6 months or less of not paying the iphone tax on AT&T.

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