Video: Nokia Life in 2015, amazing new smartphone technology

2015 is not too far away now and Nokia wishes to show you what is capable in the Nokia Life in 2015, how about a brand new device that will give you much more technology than we have already, below you can read about this new technology and of course watch the video provided.

So what will Nokia be like in 2015? Well how about a device that features: Watching live TV with friends visible on screen, Directly accessible banking, Tailored news feed delivered on the move, Identifying known contacts in public places, Shared data streams between devices such as music, Nokia ‘key’ which can be shared between devices, Intelligent time and place-based search, Making money from rich data via Ovi Store or Projecting movies from your device.

This is all concept at the moment but the limits of technology is getting much better by the day so in another 5 years we can see something truly amazing when it comes to everyday smartphones.

Love the fact you can project images on the wall and the bit in the video that shows you can use the device as a sat-nav, or indeed the part where you can connect via a cloud database. Please watch the video below and let us know what you think.

Remember when we published news about the Nokia Aeon, maybe they should get this phone out on the shelves because this seemed very popular indeed with our readers, come on Nokia give it a go and see how many you sell. Read about the Nokia Aeon by clicking the links below

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