Canada’s Telus and Rogers go at it like AT&T and Verizon

It appears that the AT&T vs. Verizon row over 3G coverage has spilled north of the border into great white Canada with Canadian carrier Telus mounting a lawsuit against Rogers Wireless over network coverage reports an article on the globe and mail.

Apparently senior communications manager for Telus, Shawn Hall as stated that Rogers has no network advantage and shouldn’t be misleading the Canadian populace with “false superiority claims,” although it has to be said that up until Telus launched their HSPA network Rogers claims were probably accurate.

Apparently Rogers turned down a request from Telus to remove the offending ads 2 weeks ago and thus Telus has filed its lawsuit at the Supreme Court of British Columbia seeking damages, which could well hit millions of bucks if Telus is successful.

So it seems that network coverage fights aren’t just centred in the USA but can happen virtually anywhere, so I am wondering which country will be next and what carriers, any ideas?

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