Motorola Droid Doesn’t Measure up to iPhone

So does the Verizon Motorola Droid smartphone measure up to the AT&T Apple iPhone? Well according to an article over on Barrons, no it doesn’t as they say the Motorola Droid is less attractive, less intuitive and less functional.

They also go on to state that the Motorola Droid doesn’t sync music from computers and well is actually even disappointing as a basic mobile phone.

On the other hand the Motorola Droid does offer Android 2.0, which is good if your world revolves around all things Google, and syncs with Microsoft Exchange although isn’t easy to set up and their tech guy just couldn’t get the handset to sync.

They say the worst thing about the Motorola Droid though is its reception which was poor in their tests, which surprised then with Verizon, but the sound was broken up and hazy, but on the up side the Motorola Droid’s slide QWERTY was good and the navigation system with Google Maps works well.


10 thoughts on “Motorola Droid Doesn’t Measure up to iPhone”

  1. Ronda says:

    > Motorola Droid’s slide QWERTY was good

    I see you haven’t actually play with a Droid.

    The keyboard is flat… has no real “feel” to it… all the keys are cramped together just to make room for a (useless) huge 4-arrow button arrangement.

    The keyboard makes the phone too heavy, too bulky, and doesn’t slide out smoothly.

    Which is the “good” part????

  2. NutMotion says:

    Never tried this new Motorola phone. However, if it comes even close to matching iPhone, I guess that’s already a big thing for Android.

    Remember that Android was launched some time after the iPhone. And most of the major phone makers are only now releasing their first Android products.

    Let them adjust their technology.

    I believe the battle is going to be very interesting:D

    BTW, I own the HTC Hero, and I believe it’s a great device. A friend lended me another HTC under WM6.5 , and it falls very short compared to it.


  3. Tan says:

    Less functional? At least it is on a reliable network and one can make calls from it..

    The iPhone and Droid have different target markets.

  4. Robin says:

    By not syncing with the computer them probably meant no iTunes. For me is a big PLUS it doesn’t use iTunes (or worse obligate you to use iTunes). At least the Droid can be mouted as mass storage device enabling you drag and drop your music, videos ad photo’s no matter which OS you’re using.
    About voice quality; yes for some reason Motorola did not enable the better voice codec. If you follow the instructions blow you get a better voice quality than the iPhone:

    Get into the programming menu, from the call screen, enter ##PROGRAM and press send. Enter code 000000.

    In option 04, you can change the vocode option to EVRC-B

  5. Howard says:

    What Droid were they testing? I left the iPhone after having one since the introduction. Waited for Verizon to come up with something comparable [BB Storm was a train wreck] and switched back to Verizon as soon as the Droid came out and have not looked back. I have Verizon service which is much faster and clearer that AT&T [Always Trouble & Trama] ever was. The Droid is easy to use, has most of the apps I was use to and makes calling crystal clear. Yes there are a couple of minor things I would change but will see that happen a lot faster with Android OS that with Apple. As far as music goes, I do not listen to music on my phone but do watch a lot of movies on the phone during long flights and it is a lot easier to get them on the Droid rather than the iPhone. Tired of AT & T and all the dropped calls? Give Verizon and Droid a chance – you will never look back!!!

  6. Howard says:

    BTW…forgot to mention the screen. It is a bit bigger than the iPhone and almost twice the resolution. The camera is 5 mega pixile with a flash and video recording too. iPhone can not even come close.

  7. David says:

    The Droid “Does” allow you to sync music from your computer(including ITunes!). I own it and have done it. Very easy to do. Also sync Rhapsody music. So what is the article talking about? Get your facts right. The phone works great as a PHONE also! Sounds like the person that wrote this has a I(TRY)PHONE. That is, TRY and use it on AT&T’s network. Not as Sexy as the IPHONE but an EQUAL device. My friends that have Iphones can’t find a reason they wouldnt switch to it. So………..what now?

  8. David says:

    Howard knows what he is talking about! Welcome to VZW Howard! Oh yeah…. I did side by side download test, search and just normal using the 2 devices. Both are smooth to use but the Droid seemed to download(search) faster. Friends couldnt believe it! Apple has people brainwashed now. IPHONE was cream of the crop, now (GooGle) and MOTO have caught them.

  9. dontcare says:

    Sorry verizon and droid fanboys, i am not partial to either, but lets point out the following.
    Droid…no bluetooth voice control without going onto the actual phone itelf, iphone has total voice control even for multimedia. Droid, wow a WHOPPING .2′ bigger on screen with slightly better resolution, still unmatched ot iphone for multimedia capabilities and quality(proven). Droid, 5mp camera, also falls very short of the iphones 3.2mp(check all test shots if you feel this not to be correct and you will see the droid’s mighty 5mp camera is a waste. All in all, the droid may be a decent phone, but droid “doesnt” do a lot of simple cell phone features, and most certainly “doesnt” surpass iphone on any level. Verizons coverage may be a little better then att, until you leave the United States that is, then…well looks like iphone/att have the advantage again.

  10. geoff says:

    I went from Samsung Omnia to BB Storm to Motorola Droid (locked into Verizon due to the fact it is a business account). My wife has an iphone 3G. So I’m easily able to compare these phones. There are certainly pluses and minuses to each phone. Verizon has much better coverage and network reliability, and the user experience on the iphone is pretty flawless. The Droid isn’t as seamless a user exerience, but Android is MUCH more flexible if you like to personalize your phone. The keyboard on the Droid was half the reason I bought the phone, but I never even bother using it as I can’t type as quickly or accurately on it as I can on its virtual keyboard. BOTH phones have access to pretty much any application I need or my wife needs. And when it comes to interfacing with MS Exchange it seems the iphone has the upper hand as exchange support on Droid with Verizon is not all its cracked up to be. Most people have to purchase and download a separate app to get their exchange accounts to work on Droid, myself included. Would love for Droid to interface better with iTunes, but that’s because I happen to have all of my music in iTunes and would prefer to use that for podcasting as well.