iPhone Still Missing Ten Features?

Apparently Apple wants everyone to believe the iconic iPhone has all the features the smartphone needs, but according to eweek, they believe there is at least ten features still missing from the iPhone and thus have come up with an iPhone missing features list.

Firstly there’s the business arena and they say the iPhone doesn’t stack up against BlackBerry in the corporate sector and until the iPhone has tethering and opened to more carriers it won’t be ready for enterprise.

Then there’s multitasking, the iPhone has the inability to open more than one app which will hopefully be addressed in the next iPhone. Next is a physical keyboard, they say the virtual keyboard is nice but not practical and a physical keyboard is more reliable.

Next they hit on open source, and reckon that Apple should consider open source and its benefits. The fifth missing feature they consider is friendlier developer rules and that Apple should review their approval policies to make them more developer friendly and show clearly what isn’t allowed.

On to six, and the question of interchangeable batteries which has been a big complaint amongst customers and that Apple must include interchangeable batteries in the next iPhone. Seven sees VoIP over 3G, Apple should now allow VoIP over 3Gwhich would apparently also increase AT&T subscriber base.

Next we have what they call carrier agnosticism, meaning it’s about time Apple dumped exclusivity and went multi-carrier, which no doubt everyone agrees with except Apple and AT&T. Nearly there with the question of removable storage, the iPhone has hefty storage but removable storage need to come to the iPhone.

Lastly at number ten sits shortage of serious competition; which basically means because the iPhone doesn’t really have a worthwhile competitor, Apple can hold back on features iPhone users may want as they know more and more people will continue to buy the iPhone.

So there it is their ten missing iPhone features, so what do you thing, do you agree or disagree, or maybe you have some features of your own you’d like to see come to the iPhone, if so drop us a comment below.


2 thoughts on “iPhone Still Missing Ten Features?”

  1. Ronda says:

    1 Business> Then why do more Fortune 500 companies deploy iPhones to their staff… then any other phone ever made?

    2 Multitasking> The iphone *DOES* multitask… but only certain apps need to… and are allowed to.

    > physical keyboard is more reliable
    Huh? A keyboard with 50 moving parts is *MORE* reliable?

    > No open source.
    Anyone in the world can write iPhone apps. 30,000 developers currently do. Apple even GIVES you the source… and the software… to write apps.

    > Apple should now allow VoIP over 3G

    Duh. Apple already allows that.

    > the iPhone has hefty storage but removable storage

    Why? So you have to buy and carry around (and lose) tiny SD cards all the time?

    > Battery

    I just bought 1 of those $15 batteries that plugs in the bottom of the iPhone. (They even have a solar powered model too!)

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