Symbian 2010 user interface Nokia’s sneak peak

You must all recall the new Symbian user experience that has been promised faithfully by Nokia for us by next year well how would you like to take a sneaky peak?

Sadly Nokia’s downloadable slide deck which was from its Capital Market Day event seems to leave out all of the new UI visuals but on a slightly brighter note, telecast has them all. And unless we are truly mistaken it sure looks like a wall to wall capacitive mutlitouch slate up there from Nokia’s studios.

According to Nokia the UI is the problem and not the Symbian OS and actually we think that sounds about right. Coming in 2010 new hardware and also amendments to software will be sure to reduce Symbian’s clutter.

Combine that with adding multitouch input on large capacitive displays, minimize steps involved to perform functions for instance just two taps to get to your favourite music instead of the usual eight! Create an email account in 2 steps and not 4. Browser experience is said to be improved as well, and make the entire UI 3 times faster than the current high end Symbian products out there. Source – engadget.com

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