Video: iPhone Clone Meisu MyStore App Store First Look

The makers of probably the most notable iPhone clone; Meisu is apparently working on an applications store for their Meisu M8, and is to be known as MyStore (how very original) and will deliver app developers the usual 30/70 deal.

Apparently word has it that a new firmware update should be heading to the Meisu M8 sometime this month, but as for a launch date for this new applications store for Meisu M8 users although it could well be included in the update.

Not that it will bother those in the west much as it’s virtually impossible to get hold of a Meisu M8 this side of the globe, but one does wonder if the apps will also be knockoff of iPhone apps just like the handset.

Anyway, we have a four minute video demo of the Meisu MyStore for your viewing pleasure courtesy of engadget, so hit it up, check it out, and let us know your thoughts.