Ready for 2 stage Google’s Android Invasion

Google’s Android operating system really has got a lot to celebrate this holiday season, but now a new trio of recent studies suggests that the platform is posed for even more success for 2010.

Enjoying plenty of well deserved time in the spotlight is Android, especially since the launch of Motorola’s Droid smartphone. There are dozens of new Android devices expected to appear in the coming months, and some suspect that we may even see a Google iPhone.

A recent study by ComScore finds that overall awareness of the Android platform has rocketed since the start of the Droids memorable marketing campaign. Apparently according to ComScore only 22% of mobile users had heard of Android at all, when asked in August.

This has now increased as in November the same question was asked and the number has risen to 37%. Back in August just 7% of smartphone shoppers were considering an Android, that has now increased to 17%, which is just marginally lower than those considering an iPhone. For more information visit pcworld.com

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