Palm Pre Hits the Free Zone

When Palm first launched the webOS Palm Pre it was virtually hailed as a super phone, the illusive iPhone killer, but the Palm Pre never really had the stamina to take on the iPhone, and thus the Palm Pre hype soon diminished.

The next step on the downward journey of the Palm Pre came in the for of a quick succession of price drops, $99.95, then $49.95, then plummeted to $24.95 putting it dangerously close to that free smartphone zone.

Well according to mobile syrup, Canada’s WirelessWave has now taken the Palm Pre into the free zone and is now available for $0 placing the smartphone $99.95 less than Bell, although for a free Palm Pre you will need to sign up for a three year agreement.

So there it is, the Palm Pre for zilch, the once heralded iPhone killer has finally reached rock bottom, and no doubt the Palm Pixi will soon follow suit. So does this signal the slide of Palm once again, or will they be able to pull something out of the hat at CES 2010?


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  1. Guenther Netal says:

    I have been researchhing the handies for some time. I simply can not make up my mind which one to buy. Every time I make a decision the companies come out with a new one. It got so frustrating to me, I never bought one because of the confusion.

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