Bing Trademark leads to Lawsuit against Microsoft.

Verizon Wireless may well be pushing to only allow Microsoft’s Bing search engine on all their mobile phones, but it is looking like Microsoft is in a spot of bother over trademark infringement with Bing.

According to an article on The Guardian, St Louis bases Bing! Information Design has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft in a local court and is alleging that Microsoft “had knowledge of the mark” and “intentionally interfered” when re-launching their Bing search engine.

Apparently the Missouri company lawyers have stated that the action has damaged the smaller companies business and is seeking punitive damages in a bid to “punish” Microsoft and deter anyone else from acting the same way.

The firm says they have held the name since 2000 and an application for the trademark does outline the use of the name Bing! for services and advertising. But the application for the trademark name wasn’t made until May when word of Microsoft’s Bing hit the net.

Microsoft on the other hand filed an application for trademark of the name in March for several uses including search engine, advertising, telecoms, interface software and providing a website, map images, trip routing and website links to geographic info.

Apparently Kevin Kutz, lawyer for Microsoft has said he believes the lawsuit will be dismissed due to there being little confusion between Microsoft’s business and the St Louis company.

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