Most Popular Phone in USA is iPhone in 2009

Its hardy surprising but a new study has discovered that the iPhone is the single most popular mobile phone in the United States during 2009 with 4% of all mobile device subscribers, reports an article over on apple insider.

According to data from Nielsen, the iPhone grabbed the top slot above the BlackBerry 8300 series from Research In Motion which garnered 3.7%, with the Motorola RAZR V3 series coming in 3rd place with 2.3% followed by the LG VX9100 enV2 with 2.1% and the LG Voyager with 1.7%.

Nielsen’s rankings measure the top ten mobile handsets in the USA from Jan 2009 to Oct 2009. However overall BlackBerry pulled in a larger share with the BlackBerry 9530 series grabbing seventh place with 1.4% and the BlackBerry 8100 series 1.2%.

As for the domination of the web, that too goes to the Apple iPhone combined with the Apple iPod Touch with most mobile users accessing the web from the iPhone operating system.