Spotted in Silver Motorola’s Droid Devour

The Motorola Devour which is apparently going to be knows as the Droid Devour has been spotted today with not only a new colour silver but also an insight into the way it works.

Prior to today this has only been seen in one colour Black and now there is the option of silver in time for it’s Verizon’s debut.

The phone uses a optical track pad similar to BlackBerry for it’s navigation when not using the touchscreen. It has been said that this is a killer input choice, and that the phone has GPS and Wi-Fi but just like the original Droid it will not be a world roaming phone.

The Motorola Devour with its sidekick like positioning and key spacing will make the device easier to use. At the moment it is still not known when we should expect to see the Droid Devour but we expect to see it early 2010. It will run with MOTOBLUR Motorola’s custom interface on top of Android 2.1 Source – electronista.com


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