No Samsung Mobile Phones at CES 2010

The way things are going it looks like CES 2010 may well be a washout where mobile phones are concerned as according to an article over on ubergizmo, Samsung’s presence as CES 2010 will be limited.

According to the latest rumour, Samsung will attend CES 2010 but won’t launch anything new on the mobile phone front, and will rather concentrate on their television area, so if you are hoping for some new Samsung handsets looks like you’re right out of luck.

It has already been rumoured that Nokia will not attend MWC 2010 and shortly after LG was rumoured to not be placing much importance on their presence at CES 2010, and now this rumour that Samsung will be pulling back.

One wonders just how many more will feel the need to skip over upcoming events, but hopefully this rumour doesn’t pan out as nothing has been confirmed by Samsung as yet.