ZOMM first Mobile Phone Wireless Leash

Most have inadvertently placed their mobile phone down at some point and misplaced it and have spent some time on remembering where you left it. Well now according to an article over on the examiner all that sort of thing may soon change with the ZOMM.

ZOMM is what they are calling the first ever “wireless leash” for your mobile phone, and is a device which fits to your key chain and whenever you move some distance from your handset, ZOMM sets off an audible alarm to remind you.

A handy device to have as if you forget your mobile phone in a restaurant, store or other public place, ZOMM will alert you so that you can retrieve your handset before anyone else can walk off with it.

Apparently not only is ZOMM a mobile phone proximity alert but is also a wireless speakerphone and feature one touch emergency dialling. It is expected ZOMM will be introduced during CES 2010 although as yet there’s no word on pricing.


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