Google Nexus One Guide: speech-recognition, entering text by speaking

The all new and confirmed Google Nexus One has speech-recognition and you can use the device by entering text by speaking which is very good indeed, below is a quick guide to speech-recognition entering text by speaking.

The voice input to enter text by speaking is an experimental feature that uses the cool Google speech-recognition service, which means you have to have data connection for it to work, it is all pretty simple really and we will shed a little light on how-to use it.

The voice input is not turned on if the onscreen keyboard does not display the Microphone key, to turn the voice input on just simply press home then menu and then touch settings, you then simply click Language & keyboard followed by Android keyboard. You can even touch & hold the Symbol key on the onscreen keyboard, which will open touch Android keyboard settings. To check the voice input just touch OK in the dialog that opens.

Now the bit about entering text by speaking: This works anywhere where you can enter text with the onscreen keyboard, this is how it works; touch a text field then touch the Microphone key on the keyboard, or simply swipe across the keyboard from left to right, you will then be prompted to “Speak now,” so say what you like here.

For more details and picture diagrams please visit Nexus One Website, if you wish to buy the phone please visit Nexus One Site as well.

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