Nexus One Google Phone Guide: Using the onscreen keyboard

If you have rushed out and purchased a Google Nexus One superphone or are thinking about getting one then you’ll probably require a Nexus One Google Phone Guide to help you get the most from the handset.

Well Google has published a good Nexus One Guide on using the onscreen keyboard whereby you can enter text via the usual way with your fingers or you can also enter text by speaking rather than typing.

The useful onscreen keyboard guide takes the user through the motions of using and inputting text via the onscreen keyboard whereby you start off with touching a text field where you wish to type and the onscreen keyboard opens, or you can use the trackball to select a text field and simply press the trackball to open the onscreen keyboard.

After the Nexus One onscreen keyboard is open you simply touch the keys to start typing and word suggestions will appear, you can press the left or right arrow to gain more word suggestions and then press space or punctuation mark to enter the required word or you can touch the word to enter it and if you touch and hold on the word it will be added to the dictionary.

The delete key will remove characters to the left of the cursor and once you have finished pressing ‘Back’ will close the onscreen keyboard.

For numbers, other characters and symbols you press the Symbols key and press the Alt key to view more symbols while pressing Alt again switches back. If you touch and hold a vowel or the C, N and S key a window opens to show an alternate letter or accented vowel. Touching and holding the Period key opens a window with common symbols while holding any symbol and number key will deliver a window of additional keys.