Google Nexus One, Droid or iPhone: What inspires you?

The smartphone wars are pretty hot at the moment and there will never be an end to the fierce competition, but we have always said firms need healthy competition to keep the better devices coming.

The Google Nexus One is the latest phone to be released which has many of you talking, you also have the Droid and indeed the Apple iPhone, the question here has to be “What one inspires you?” earlier today we published an article titled “Nexus One not Revolutionary or iPhone Killer”, please read here and then let us know what you think.

Then we talked about “New iPhone 4G: Release Date and 2010 Expectations”, and what about “iPhone is Vintage to Nexus One Superphone?” or “Apple iPhone wins over Droid in Touchscreen analysis” there are so many things we could talk about when it comes to smartphones and the battle to be the best in hardware, software and indeed sales will never slack off.

See to tell you the truth we do not care what Google, Motorola or indeed Apple have to say about its phones they release because it is all about the consumer, you are the ones buying the devices so it is entirely up to you which phone is the best and who will always come out on top, and this is why we are asking you what inspires you the most when it comes to the phones mentioned above.

Please let us know if you prefer the Google Nexus One, Motorola Droid or the Apple iPhone, post all your comments below in the area provided. We will read all comments and then write an article based on the outcome.

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