No Windows Mobile 7 before MWC 2011

There had been rumours floating the net that Windows Mobile 7 would hit sometime later this year; however, according to a report over on bright side of news, speaking with several sources is appears Windows Mobile 7 will not become available before 2011.

Apparently they spoke with reps from Qualcomm, Microsoft, Lenovo, Nokia, NVIDIA, TI, HTC and other and the message they got was basically the same from them all, and that is Windows Mobile 7 has been delayed until Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona.

They also say that unfortunately the focus is now shifting to the Android platform and even Google Chrome operating system to fight competitors in the coming year.

So there it is, if there are any more Windows Mobile fans left out there you won’t be gaining Windows Mobile 7 any time soon.


2 thoughts on “No Windows Mobile 7 before MWC 2011”

  1. Stanley C says:

    Microsoft’s Windows Mobile phone platform is on death’s doorstep already, with many analysts saying the whole platform will be cancelled.

    Now we learn that there will be further delays, with Microsoft seemingly unable to bring out an update.

    I would avoid buying a Windows Phone for this reason, as there is risk of the platform being discontinued. Today’s story about further problems and delays makes the situation even worse.

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