Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.6, WM7 now delayed

The word is Microsoft has now delayed the launch of Windows Mobile 7 until sometime in 2011 rather than launching the new mobile operating system later this year. There has been no real reason announced as to why Microsoft has delayed Windows Mobile 7.

Then a rumour hit the net waves that Microsoft is now going to launch Windows Mobile 6.6 at some point next month, although there is no official confirmation on this rumour either, although the speculation is Windows Mobile 6.5 isn’t doing too well.

Of late, Windows Mobile looks to be dragging behind newer operating systems, and faces a huge challenge with the Android operating platform as more and more mobile phone manufacturers change over to using Android for their smartphones.

If Windows Mobile 6.5 isn’t doing so well and Microsoft considers pushing out Windows Mobile 6.6 will that be enough to gain lost ground over Android with mobile phone makers? Will launching Windows Mobile 7 in 2011 be too late, as I am quite sure Android won’t simply remain stagnant waiting for WM7 to appear.

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