CES 2010 Video: Ultimate iType Keyboard for iPhone Test

Everyone knows the iPhone doesn’t have a physical keyboard, but there are ways to use a physical keyboard with the iPhone and one such way is using the iType physical keyboard for iPhone and the iPod Touch from Ion which comes bundles with an Apple App Store application delivering easy text input.

However when it comes to output the iPhone’s application sandbox means you have to copy and paste or email said text into other applications, but Ion allows other applications to use their hardware.

While ta CES 2010 the guys over at the iphone blog has a chance to check out the iType physical keyboard for iPhone and produced a short video of the occasion for your viewing pleasure which we have below.

The best way to see how the iTyp keyboard for iPhone fairs is to hit up the video and just see how easy it looks to use; sure looks as if it makes writing that email , text message or anything else a breeze, so check it out and let us know what you think.


2 thoughts on “CES 2010 Video: Ultimate iType Keyboard for iPhone Test”

  1. mepheso k. says:

    Whats the point of having a keyboard… isnt a iphone supposed to be a portable device? a keyboard just screws up the purpose of an iphone. Just buy a laptop.

  2. Lukasx123 says:

    It certainly doesn't look as portable as other models I've seen online. Most of them are either mini-keyboards, or they are full-sized keyboards that can fold-up / roll-up to become portable.

    This keyboard seems to act like some kind of normal full-sized keyboard for the iPhone, not useful for portable applications.