Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus get priced

Everyone knows the webOS toting Palm Pre and Palm Pixi are coming to Verizon Wireless and will have Plus added to their names to differentiate them from the originals, we even know there isn’t that much difference from the Sprint versions.

What we haven’t known so far with the Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Verizon Palm Pixi Plus, is what price both handsets are going to command when they hit the Big Red.

Well today that gets rectified as an article over on phone arena has a tipster revealing that the Verizon Palm Pre Plus will carry a price tag of $149.99 after a mail in rebate of $100 and on contract, while the Verizon Palm Pixi Plus will apparently be offered on a BOGO deal at $99.99, after rebate.

Of course these prices haven’t been confirmed in any way, but sound about right and virtually inline with Sprint’s offer, but no doubt we’ll gain some confirmation on pricing soon.


2 thoughts on “Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus get priced”

  1. iPhone 4.0 says:

    last i checked the sprint palm pre is 99.99 after mail in rebate. I believe that price would be accurate if you compared it to how the iphone’s price goes up the more memory you have. Even though i considered getting an android phone i plannin on getting the pre plus in the coming weeks of, course after an in store test.

  2. memory cards says:

    The rest of the smartphone’s features are pretty much in line with the original Pixi and runs the same version of WebOS ( As a phone, the Pixi Plus offers a speakerphone, speed dial, conference calling, airplane mode, a silent ringer switch, and text and multimedia messaging.