iPhone 4 may be Apple Tablet?

Rumours are rife where anything carrying the Apple branding is concerned; rumours of the iPhone 4, rumours of the Apple tablet, but the guys over at softpedia take these rumours a step further by speculating that the iPhone 4 and Apple table could well be the same thing.

It’s probably taking the rumours a step too far, but they say if it hadn’t been for the rumour that Apple has ordered numerous 10 inch panels from Taiwan they would indeed think the Apple tablet was the next generation iPhone.

They say Apple has been rumoured to be launching a tablet before and hasn’t, Apple even turned down the netbook market but the iPhone has entered that niche well and Apple will probably introduce an enhanced iPhone that “includes tablet specific functionality as bait.”

They also say think about a new iPhone with a one inch diagonally larger screen with loads of extra gear and more room for multitouch and there’s your Apple tablet, and they also speculate that if Apple push out the tablet and do so with the same vigour as the iPhone would the tablet not kill off the iPhone?

Interesting, but like I said earlier, probably taking iPhone and tablet speculation a bit far don’t you think?

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