The $1000 iPhone App Makes Return to App Store

Some time ago there was quite a commotion over an iPhone application, which cost a staggering $999.99, that app was called I AM Rich, and was quickly removed from the App Store as it basically did nothing.

Well according to an article over on The Washington Post, a new iPhone application has hit the App Store and commands a price tag of $999.99; the application is called BarMax CA, and they say this time this particular iPhone app may well be worth the high price.

The BarMax CA for iPhone app basically helps law students prepare for the bar exam, and BarBri, who is synonymous with this sort of prep test usually offers it for between $3000 and $4000, and the reason the BarMax CA for iPhone is being offered for $999.99 is because it is an application that doesn’t have in-class elements.

The BarMax CA for iPhone offers thousands of pages and hundreds of hours of audio lectures, basically enough info for a 2 month course right on your iPhone. So does this signify the return of more iPhone apps becoming available at the $1000 mark? Would you hand over a grand for an iPhone application?

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