What mobile phone web browser is the best?

There are so many mobile phone web browsers that you can use and we would love to know which one is the best, the choice is pretty vast and the main ones that stick out have to be Safari, Android, WebOS, BlackBerry, Firefox for mobile and of course Internet Explorer Mobile.

At present we use Safari on the Apple iPhone 3GS but we have used many more, we would love to see Mozilla Firefox on the iPhone and maybe it will happen. We would just like to know what mobile web browser you are using.

A full list of Browser names for you: jB5, Polaris, Kindle Basic Web, Android, WebOS, BlackBerry, Blazer, Firefox for mobile, Internet Explorer Mobile, Iris, NetFront, Nokia Series 40, Opera Mobile, Skyfire Mobile Browser, Safari and so many more.

There are so many mobile phones using different browsers but we would love to know what one you are using, please let us know what make and model phone you are using and what browser you have in the comments area below.

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4 thoughts on “What mobile phone web browser is the best?”

  1. jebz87 says:

    Hi! I have Nokia 2730 classic, I have Operamini 4.2, Operamini 5 and Bolt 2.02 browsers installed on my phone. So far, these browsers worked well with my java phone. I can dowload mp3s, videos and java applications. Bolt 2.02 really amazed me because of its facebook chat ability plues renders pc web browsing. I don’t like the default Nokia s40 browser, very slow and annoying.

  2. speedbird 1960 says:

    Hi, i have got a Nokia N95-8GB and i find Skyfre the best browser as it will play and stream almost anything including BBC i player and Tvcatchup pc version. The reason it can play flash based video is it is rendered on SKyfires server and not your phone. It has a bug which is easy to work around, the backlight when it goes off the video will freeze. To cure this problem you will need something like S60 SpotOn which is a breeze to use. There are other backlight managers out there but this one is free. My second choice of browser is Opera mobile 10.1 its so nice to use and it got a good layout, the main thing with this browser is you have to make sure that realplayer steaming settings are the same as your access point or it will not play video. I will upgrade my phone one day but for now i love the features its got and there is not much that can match it..