Will Apple’s 2010 latest creation be tablet or iPhone OS 4.0?

There are many speculations at the moment covering the 2010 Apple Event and what they will be revealing, could it be the all new tablet or iPhone OS 4.0.

Well it has been confirmed that the Apple Event 2010 will be held on January 27 and that Apple’s new artwork clearly says “Come see our latest creation”, this event will be held at the Yerba Buena Center of Arts Theatre in San Francisco. We do not know anything about the event or what they will be revealing, but we have a few ideas for example the new tablet or the all new 2010 iPhone 4G.

What we do know is the date of the event, where it is and of course the graphics art, other than that it is all gone quite. It would be great to see an announcement covering the anticipated islate or Apple Tablet and of course iPhone OS 4.0.

As soon as we know more we will let you know, what do you think Apple will unveil on January 27, could it be the above products mentioned or could it be something completely different?

Source – TechTree

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