$5 Billion for AT&T to Equal Verizon in Network Stakes

If you are not aware, Verizon Wireless has been known for saying they have a better network than AT&T, and many iPhone users on AT&T have complained about the network with most of the mobile public seeing the AT&T network as poor when compared to Verizon.

According to an article over on pcworld, a financial research firm says that AT&T would need to spend $5 billion on their wireless network to catch up with the service offered by Verizon. But the big question is would this make Apple favourable towards Verizon offering the iPhone?

Apparently TownHall Investment Research has now reduced its rating of AT&T from ‘Favourable’ to Neutral.” AT&T has enjoyed exclusivity over the iPhone, something that will soon vanish and if Verizon can pick up the iPhone, AT&T will probably suffer.

Apple needs to fight to maintain the iPhone’s command of the mobile space, and with the likes of Android and the Nexus One breathing down their backs, and one move would be to let Verizon have a CDMA iPhone.

According to figures, AT&T has spent $21.6 billon on their network while Verizon Wireless has spent $25.4 billion which equates to roughly $353 a customer to AT&T’s $308 a customer. Then again Verizon did say they were boosting their network in preparation to handle iPhone traffic, perhaps AT&T should have done the same.

AT&T’s time with the iPhone is almost over, they had their chance to off iPhone customers a great network and blew it, Apple needs to allow Verizon to offer the iPhone on their better network because it will be good for Apple, good for Verizon and good for the iPhone customer.

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