Improved Browsing Speed Patent Filed by RIM

BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion has apparently files a patent application to advance network browsing on a mobile phone, the patent application was disclose last week by the US Patent Office reports an article on the WSJ.

Apparently the application uses a proxy server on a mobile device to compress and decompress transmitted data over a wireless network. Although proxy’s aren’t new but generally reside in a data centre rather than a smartphone.

Independent tech analyst, Carmi Levy says that one of the biggest issues with web browsers on smartphones is that they are too slow, and is especially bad on the BlackBerry. With the recent patent application and a rumoured overhaul of the BlackBerry web browser it appears RIM is aware of this.

RIM’s BlackBerry is in a constant battle against the likes of the iPhone and Android based mobile phones, and BlackBerry falls behind in the web browsing stakes and to keep pace with rivals RIM needs to resolve this claims Levy.

Presumably this new patent for placing a proxy on a smartphone will improve BlackBerry web browsing; however, RIM has declined to comment.

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