Mobile Phone Advertising is Big Thing for 2010

Apparently the next big thing is mobile advertising according to experts and will take off in 2010, and some operators are already ahead in that game, and software companies and operators alike are scrambling for a piece of the action, reports an article over on mobile today.

Probably the leader in that game is Google’s Android platform and the recently launched Nexus One, but Google has ambitions that aren’t just about the Nexus One but just what it may achieve by entering the mobile advertising arena.

Basically Google makes most of its revenue via advert on the web, and much of the web has now gone mobile. Mobile ad revenue in 2008 reached £28 million which is a 99.2 percent increase over 2007 and it is expected to see more growth once 2009 figures are released.

Commentators are saying that 20010 will be the year mobile advertising will leap forward although operators say they have been in the game for some time. The chief of O2 Media, Shaun Gregory says that mobile advertising took off in 2008 when the iPhone launched and Pandora’s Box was opened on applications.

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