Ringtones Extinction: Social Networking and Texting taking over calling

Do you love ringtones? Well the sad thing is ringtones will apparently come to an end by 2016, social networking and texting is taking over people calling each other so there will be no need for such tones.

This is only a possibility according to Electronista who say recent statistics show that in 2007 there was around $881 million yearly sales, it says that could fall to below $750 this year. The price of ringtones will not drop in price that much and what is the point really if you can talk relatively for free over social network sites such as Facebook, MSN, and Google Chat etc.

Phones like the Apple iPhone for example allow you freely to use formatted audio file as a ringtone, which makes things much easier, however there are millions of other phones that do not allow this which means you have to use the built-in rubbish ringtones or purchase new ones.

Please let us know if you still call people or they call you, or do you text and use social networks to chat more. Please answer by using our poll below.

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