Can iPhone Alter the Way Dealers Trade?

With the iPhone now available on multiple networks in the UK the battle for customers heats up and opening up the iPhone will increase distribution significantly and will also increase competition, and the 3 operators, O2, Vodafone and Orange have chosen dealers their carefully reports an article over on mobile today.

Apparently some dealers are still somewhat sceptical on just how far the iPhone will help their business, although other aren’t and are pleased, but will the iPhone ever change the way dealers do business?

O2 last July launched their ‘Approved Partner’ program enabling dealers who committed to 2 years and pledged a percentage of their business to O2 so they could offer the iPhone. Orange on the other hand appointed 10 partners 1 month after Orange began selling the iPhone.

Vodafone has stated they will target the enterprise arena with 20 indirect partners, 10 partners from Yes Telecom, and 10 ‘premium partners’ all to offer the iPhone into SoHo and SMEs businesses.

However, apparently some dealers believe Apple’s approach to selling the iPhone is ‘naive’’ with one dealer saying that Apples approach is frustrating and they don’t understand the mobile industry as they have encouraged dealers to get SIM free handsets. Another says that BlackBerry is more secure and cheaper and they don’t think the iPhone is a good business tool unless you’re office based.

Although the iPhone is king of smartphones and is widely liked by the mobile public it looks like it will be a while before some dealers come to terms with offering the iPhone.

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