First Day will see 50,000 iPhones sold by Vodafone UK

Apparently Vodafone UK has taken pre-orders for some 50,000 iPhone units which will ship today the 14th of January, and according to the article over on pocket-lint, Vodafone UK CEO Guy Laurence has confirmed they will be delivering over 50,000 iPhones on day one.

Laurence also stated that the main reason for such an exceptional demand for the iPhone on Vodafone is customers want to use the iPhone on Vodafone’s exceptional network.

The only problem being Vodafone may find delivering the iPhone a bit of a problem in some areas due to the wintry weather conditions in some parts of the UK, so some expectant Vodafone iPhone customers may be disappointed for a while.

Still, if Vodafone is pushing out first day sales of 50,000 iPhone it does beat rival Orange who had first day iPhone sales of 30,000 when O2 lost their iPhone exclusivity.