Apple Magic Mouse Touch Sensitive Casing for iPhone 4?

Apparently when the iPhone 4 actually launches be it April, May or June or whenever, it will be quite different to the iPhone smartphones we have seen before as according to Goldman Sachs analyst Robert Chen, Apple it to put a lot more innovation, not just on the hardware but also on the software of the iPhone 4.

According to an article over on gizmodo, this means that the new iPhone 4 will have a new plastic casing much like Apple’s Magic Mouse which will be touch sensitive, and will apparently according to Chen feature a 5 megapixel camera.

The guys over at gizmodo think that making the iPhone 4 completely touch sensitive sounds slightly redundant, for example who would want or need to make a finger gesture on the rear of the iPhone, or to turn up the volume or answer a call when you can already do so on the touch screen.

They do seem to have a point, complete touch sensitivity could cause problems depending on just how sensitive the iPhone 4 is. So what are you views readers? Would you like full touch sensitivity like the Magic Mouse on your iPhone?

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