Google Nexus One Skins now available

So you’ve got your Google Nexus One superphone, but want a touch of personalisation to the smartphone, so maybe it’s time to skin that sucker in an artsy design to make your Nexus One stand out from the crowd.

Well Nexus One accessories are beginning to make an appearance according to chipchick, accessories in the form of several cool and classy Nexus One art skins from gelaskins who have quite a few designs for you to choose from.

Furthermore, if you are artistically minded and done want one of the available selection then they have an option whereby you can design your own Nexus One skin to make your smartphone turely a one off.

The Nexus One artistic skins from Gelaskins cover both back and front of your Nexus One, and if you purchase three you’ll receive a fourth for free, and their price isn’t too bad either at $14.95 per skin.

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