Only if Apple done Google’s Nexus One launch!

Excuse Mr Steve Jobs from Apple, yes you sir; what would have you done if you tried to launch the Google Nexus One Phone? Steve if you are reading this article please do answer, very kind of you if you did (Yeah right, as if that will happen).

There were a few problems when Google launched the Nexus One, before we go on we want to say upfront that Google like everyone else made a few little errors and in time upon new product releases they will get it right, so when Nexus Two decides to launch we will see pure perfection (Will we? Let’s hope so)

Google you have plenty of money to promote, why did you decide to hold a press event instead of a huge stage event? The way we see it is, the more people at the event the more exposure. Was the presentation good enough to get the wow factor and did they make it into a big massive show like Apple normally do? Oh no just a small press event is what happened.

Business Week reports that CNBC anchors and commentators were a little negative saying “Nexus One Presentation a Snoozer,” When Steve Jobs does a presentation there is always a huge build-up, the climax is always one where you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see something special. This is what Google should have done; they should have had people on the edge of their seats in awe.

At events we all need to be educated and most importantly entertained, facts with a little fun is a great presentation. So do you think Steve Jobs would have done a better job at the Google Nexus One event? Apple what would you have done at this event?

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