Nexus One Gets Made Over by ColorWare

Most smartphone owners want their smartphone to stand out from all the others, and now according to an article over on android and me, the Nexus One can sport a different jacket colour courtesy of ColorWare.

Along with ColorWare making available the customisation of the Nexus One superphone they can also give their touch to the Android powered Nook.

If you are a Nexus One owner you can take advantage of ColorWare’s design studio where you can opt for one of 87 colours and finishes to create you own customised Nexus One, can opt to purchase the Nexus One direct from them or send in their own.

Purchasing a ColourWare customised Nexus One will hit your wallet for roughly $800, or if you send in your own Nexus One it will cost roughly $175 with about a 3 week turnaround timeframe.

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