New iPhone 2010 Joke Take on Apple Latest Creation

Now here we have a rather hilarious take on Apple mouth, Steve Jobs, and of course the iconic iPhone, putting into perspective that really all the hype over a new iPhone does sometimes go a tad far and thus should all be taken with a light-hearted pinch of salt.

The purely fictitious article over on newsbiscuit has Steve Jobs saying of the newly unveiled touch screen device, “It’s a phone, it’s an iPod, it’s a palm top, it’s a great big arrow pointing to your head saying ‘Please mug me.’ We’re confident that this phone is so sexy that opportunistic criminals will be unable to prevent themselves from knocking owners to the ground before wrestling the device from their hands and running off down the road.”

It even says that owners should take a picture of their iPhone as they’ll want to remember what it looks like, and that Apple is running a worldwide promo to reward the owner who can hold onto their new tech for more than 2 weeks without is being stolen.

This is of course reference, I presume, to the upcoming announcement from Apple about their latest creation, and that if it is as good as expected it would undoubtedly become a big draw to mobile thieves; good for a laugh though.

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