Real life giant Apple Tablet iPhone 2010 Photos

The all new Apple (AAPL) Tablet, iSlate, iPad, iTablet call it what you may is going to be announced today at the Apple Event 2010 and photos of the tablet are now surfacing.

We said we will keep you up-to-date about the tablet PC and the all new and hopefully real iPhone 4G, well how about combining the two together to give you the giant iPhone Tablet. The pictures below are very realistic and we love these ones.


We have mentioned news, rumours, speculations and pictures of the tablet a few times but this one has to be the best of them all. These real-life photos of the giant iPhone tablet looks amazing and to make it look even better someone is actually holding it.


Apparently and according to PC Advisor these photos are not fake they are real, these are actual photography. Let us know what you think of these pictures in the comments area below.


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