Video: The Road to iPhone App Riches

Everyone and their aunt wants to make cash from developing iPhone applications these days because if you can come up with that blockbuster iPhone app there is an abundance of money to be gleaned from the millions of iPhoners out there.

However, the road to iPhone App riches is a rocky one to say the least, and many iPhone app developers fall by the wayside, but some do make it in the end through pure perseverance and determination.

So what does it take to get rich via iPhone app development? Well we have a video for your consumption which goes a little way to explaining just how long and laborious it is to reach that cash in the pocket status.

The video comes courtesy of daily iphone blog and is a 5 minute, funny explanation by Eugene Lin who eventually got his iPhone app peekaboo accepted by Apple and went on to success; so hit it up and check it out.

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