Walmart Deny Offering Google Nexus One

The word hitting the net waves yesterday was that Walmart was going to offer the latest Android smartphone out of HTC and Google, the Nexus One superphone, this was due to Walmart putting up a web page with the Nexus One marked as ‘coming soon.’

However apparently this is no longer the case as according to an article over on gearlog, Walmart have done some backtracking and deny they are to offer the Google Nexus One.

Apparently it was all just a big mistake, a technical error, and has no plans on carrying the Google Nexus One superphone in Walmart stores according to Ravi Jariwala, a spokesperson for Walmart.com.

So there you have it, you can make of it what you will, but personally I can’t see why anyone would put up a page saying something is ‘coming soon,’ if it isn’t, and I’m sure Walmart techs are more professional than to let such a mistake happen, still mistakes can be made by everyone I guess.

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