BlackBerry Tour 9650 is coming says RIM Facebook

The ever present most informative of sources comes to play one this one, of course I am talking about social networking website Facebook. It appears that BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has let loose a little piece of info concerning the Blackberry Tour 9650 via their official Facebook page.

According to an article over on crackberry the RIM Facebook page posted that the BlackBerry Tour 9650 is coming and to check back for official news soon, so I guess they don’t come more official than that.

It is expected that the BlackBerry Tour 9650, otherwise referred to as the BlackBerry Tour 2 would appear sometime in the first part of this year, so basically Research In Motion only has a couple of months left if they want to keep on track.

So this post is kind’a an official-ish sort of announcement that the BlackBerry Tour 9650 is gearing up for launch, now let’s just hope they re-post the actual release date soon.

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