Could new iPhone 4G get the iPad Apple A4 chip?

Here is a quick question for you “Could new iPhone 4G get the Apple iPad A4 chip?” or something similar. This is all down to if Apple releases the fourth generation iPhone first; there is no need to doubt they will not.

At the moment the iPhone 3GS has the ARM Cortex A8 CPUs and PowerVR SGX GPUs chips from Samsung, but today after the announcement of the all new iPad Apple has its very own chip called the A4.

Apple has always wanted its very own custom chip since they bought PA Semi (Palo Alto Semiconductor) and these chips will be used in all future products according to TiPB. It would be good though to use the Apple A4 or something similar for the next-gen iPhone.

What do you think, could new iPhone 4G get the Apple iPad A4 chip or something similar? Please vote below and let us know what you think.

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5 thoughts on “Could new iPhone 4G get the iPad Apple A4 chip?”

  1. bob the builder says:

    Who knows… probably… you never know with Apple…im excited to see what they have in stock for the next iphone.. hopefully video-conferencing

  2. andrew says:

    the name of the processor would make a good name. any boost in speed would be great. the 3gs plays n64 games fine so i guess maybe we will see ps1 emulators running fine in this one. with a bigger chip, they need to have multi tasking natively and bluetooth pushing natively.those are my biggest things anyways… speed bump, multi, and bluetooth. im all for iphone a4, but id buy if it was called poop

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